EMi ladies in England assembling the Beatles Rubber Soul album 1964

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PIXIDESIGN is an established graphic design studio located in Silver Spring, Maryland, producing digital media, print materials and websites for businesses, municipal organizations, artists and entertainers.

With an array of expertise, promotional skills, adding to unique marketing strategies, PIXI DESIGN has helped many businesses and artists reach their visions and goals.

Jeanne Keskinen

PIXIDesign Web and Print Designer, Owner

Award-winning, graphic designer and consultant for over 20 years. Jeanne is considered a high-quality, versatile designer with experience that encompasses a vast range of corporate clients, government agencies, businesses and the arts.


Web Design

Professional web presence using responsive design

• Desktop, tablet, phone

• Video, audio

• Shopping sites


Print Design

Amplify your projects in print

    • Logos

    • CD/DVD design

    • Books

    • Brochures

    • Letterhead

    • Advertising



Display the best pixels

    • Media kits

    • Illustration

    • Photography

    • Marketing

    • Exhibits

    • Info graphics


PIXIDESIGN studio is located near downtown Silver Spring, Takoma Park and Washington D.C.

Near Metro, Ride-On and Beltway Route 495/Georgia Ave South or Route 29/ South to DC.


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